How Do I Take CBD?

There are various optimal ways to use CBD products. These methods include: 

Nano drops: mixed with a warm or cool beverage of choice.

• When using a nano drop product, mix between 10-20mg into your beverage of choice. Wait approximately 30 minutes. If symptom relief is not achieved, increase your dose by an additional 10-20mg. Wait another 30 minutes and continue this dosing recommendation until symptom relief is achieved. 

Tinctures: oil dropper, sublingual.

•When taking an oral tincture, an introductory dose should be between 15-25mg. Wait approximately 60 min. If symptom relief is not achieved, increase your dose by an additional 15-25mg. Wait another 60 minutes. Continue this process until you feel restored and symptom relief is achieved.

Nano creams, Salves & Roll-ons: targets pain and inflammation with rapid relief.

•When administering topical creams, salves and nano roll-ons, make sure the product is evenly distributed over the affected area. Allow product to sit for 15-30 seconds and then rub in until absorbed. You can repeat this every 4-6 hours. 


Curatio is a medical grade product with high potency and consistent efficacy throughout our product line. Our proprietary CBD profile, coupled with our advanced delivery systems, are what sets us apart. Our oral and topical products were designed to reduce inflammation, re-establish homeostasis, and relieve a variety of issues ranging from moderate to chronic severities.