How to take CBD

How to Take CBD

Nano CBD Water-Soluble Drops

Curatio uses a water-soluble base as the ideal carrier for our medical-grade CBD drops, allowing for significant absorption to occur before product reaches the stomach. A state-of-the-art nano-emulsion process shrinks the droplet size that carries the CBD to 40 nanometers, increasing absorption (5-7x) bioavailability, onset, and duration of action. Anecdotal reports suggest the onset of action may occur in 5-15 minutes.

Serving Protocol

Serving size varies depending on the condition and the individuals size. Initial serving will range between 10-25mg for the water-soluble drops. If satisfaction is not achieved with the first serving, wait 30 minutes before repeating another serving. Curatio drops can be administered sublingually or in a beverage of choice at a drinkable temperature. See package or bottle for milliliter to milligram dose equivalence. Maximum daily dose has not been established. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for further information.

Nano CBD Topical

Curatio uses a state-of-the-art nanoemulsion process using targeted sonication technology to shrink the droplet that carries the active ingredients to 40 nanometers, greatly increasing the absorption rate and penetration. In addition to our CBD, we use several anti-inflammatory ingredients throughout our topical product line, that when combined with our CBD profile, creates a powerful combination. Some of these ingredients include MSM, Arnica Flower Oil, Frankincense, Comfrey and Menthol.

Application Instructions

Product can be used every 4-6 hours for as long as needed. Do not apply on an open sore or wound.